Hooking Up

By Tiffany Barton. Tiffany's show Girls' Talk, about puberty, toured secondary schools in Perth and Melbourne in recent years. Tiffany studied Sexology at Curtin University.

Treya and Alex are two normal teenagers who have come to your school to have a frank discussion about sex. Yup, SEX, that secret thing that lots of people do but few people like to talk about. They negotiate the minefield of dating, how to deal with rejection and jealousy, explore the rollercoaster of losing your virginity, the problems associated with poor communication, and other issues like consent, coming out, sexting, the drunken pick-up, the double standard,STIs, contraception and that big four letter word, LOVE.

Based on real-lifestories and case histories, Treya and Alex use humor and candor to cover a bunch of sensitive topics and open up an important conversation about sex and ethics for the modern teenager. Hooking Up runs for 50 minutes and includes a 10 minute question time at the end.

Available only in Perth.

For years 8-10 Bookings: Hooking Up costs $500 for audiences of up to 100 (add $5 per student for larger audiences).

Suitcase Stories

The history of Australian immigration. Tours Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne throughout the year. Booking now. "The best incursion we've ever had. Bravo!" Teacher, Parkwood Primary School "Incredible educational value and so entertaining. Thank you." Bea Bouska, teacher, Bletchley Park Primary

Suitcase Stories is a 50 minute, one-woman show for those in years 2-7. Originally commissioned by and performed at the Western Australia Maritime Museum in Fremantle, it's very funny and has a message: 'This is the lucky country, it's great here so... shall we get on?'

Suitcase Stories celebrates the cultural diversity of Australia. In the show we meet eight different women from eight different eras, each with a tale to tell about coming to Australia. There's Eliza Delaney from Ireland, a pioneer of early settlement, Afifa the Lebanese footballing legend, Anna Petrovna the batty Russian ballet dancer, Zhou the Chinese girl with a yen for disco dancing, Dutch girl Danke, Beth Barry the Ten Pound Pom and Bardi, a blackfella with a yarn or two to tell about Dreamtime and the impact of white settlement. Then there's Vittoria, the Italian nurse with a great heaving bosomful of ice-cream and motherly love. The humour and the ever-changing cast enable us to discover the legacy of those who have gone before, to savour the flavours of those who have just arrived and to relish the fact that we are all very lucky to be here.

Suitcase Stories was written by Tiffany Barton and Mick Devine. Performed in Perth by Tiffany Barton, in Adelaide by Bronwen James (immediate left), in Melbourne by Anthea Campione (middle left) and in Sydney by Eliane Morel (bottom).

What they say about the show:

"The best incursion we've ever had. Bravo!" Esme Pashley, teacher, Parkwood Primary, WA "It was AMAZING !" Prince Alfred College, Adelaide. "The performance was fabulous. The children at each of the shows were really engaged and learnt so much. Incredible educational value and so entertaining. Thank you." Bea Bouska, teacher, Bletchley Park Primary "It was fabulous!!” Ilana Segal, Clarinda Primary School, Victoria "Anthea was terrific…good content for teachers to take it further…an enjoyable and educational experience for all.” Con Pakavakis, Assistant Principal, Auburn South Primary School, Victoria "Suitcase Stories is a wonderful example of performance that presents Western Australian history in a dynamic and contemporary way by bringing it to life. The challenges of a variety of migration experiences is expressed through these women's stories, blending fiction with history based on personal accounts from women in their own words. As both a writer and performer Tiffany Barton has brought us a sophisticated and valuable perspective on these great everyday stories of arrival that bring new colour to the palette of recent Western Australian history. I am very pleased that through the Western Australian Museum I have been involved in the early life of this fine theatrical work." Felena Alach, Public Programs Officer, Western Australian Museum. "The children of Burrendah Primary School were lucky enough to experience the fabulous, extremely entertaining, Tiffany Barton who brought much fun and laughter to our stage. Thank you Tiffany!" Sobhoin Ialacci and Samantha Holdcroft, year 5, Burrendah Primary School, WA. "The children from years 1-3 thoroughly enjoyed today's performance... a valuable resource for events such as Harmony Day...highly recommended." Riverton Primary, WA

The syllabus:

Suitcase Stories comes with a set of teachers' notes with ideas for discussion. Subject areas covered include the history of Australia, society and environment, cultural diversity and tolerance, Aboriginal culture and dreamtime.

For years 2-7 Bookings: Suitcase Stories costs $500 (Sydney $550) for audiences of up to 100 (add $5 per child -Sydney $5.50- for larger audiences). Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.